Our pavers give aesthetic value to outdoor spaces, provides durability and helps save cost of construction.
Our kerbstones provide beauty, durability and impact resistance to road-side kerbs.

Uni Lock (Zig Zag)

crescent concrete pakistan

Surface Area: 0.308 sqft
Average Weight: 3.65 kg

City (Rectangular)

pavers lahore

Surface Area: 0.222 sqft
Average Weight: 2.75 kg

Hi Lock (I-Section)

pavers lahore
hi lock tile

Surface Area: 0.308 sqft
Average Weight: 3.65 kg

Available Strengths

7000 PSI
5000 PSI
3000 PSI

Available Sizes

60 mm
80 mm

Available Colours

Any Colour (On Demand)

Kerb Stone (14” x 6”)

kerbstones pakistan

Engineering Drawing

kerb stone lahore

Quick Facts

Length: 1 foot
Weight: 35.5 ± 1 kg


There is no compromise on quality. It is part of our ethics to operate at the highest quality standards and we pursue to act honestly and fairly with our clients, suppliers and stakeholders.


High Strength & Toughness
High Durability & Longevity
Quick & Rapid Installation
Saves Time & Cost
Aesthetically Pleasing
Superior Surface Finish
Minimal Maintenance Cost
Skid & Slip Resistant


Walkways, Footpaths & Sidewalks
Private or Commercial Property
Streets & Boulevards
Factories & Industries
Plazas & Marketplaces
Housing Schemes & Societies
Parks & Recreational Grounds
Workshops & Warehouses
Patio, Cloisters & Gardens

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